Using Slack in Pale Moon

Slack is a plat­form made for te­ams to easily com­mu­ni­cate in chan­nels and que­ries (pri­vate messages). It has apps for mo­bile plat­forms (An­droid, Win­dows Phone, iOS) and on desk­tops you have two op­ti­ons. Ei­ther use their app which is re­ally only a web­site wrap­per, or use the web­site in­ter­face in a brow­ser. Which is what I do.

The sup­port for brow­sers is not bad, they sup­port, to my knowledge, Fi­re­fox, Chrome, Edge and Sa­fari in the newest ver­si­ons. However, I use Pale Moon and that is of­fi­ci­ally a un­sup­por­ted brow­ser, so the web app will tell you so­me­thing like „sorry, we don’t sup­port your brow­ser, use some other“ when you try to load Slack in Pale Moon. So, for some time I had next to my Pale Moon also per­ma­nently ope­ned Fi­re­fox with Slack lo­a­ded, but that’s not a very con­ve­ni­ent setup, so I sear­ched for a way to fool Slack and try using it in Pale Moon. And the way I found thanks to this fo­rum thread on Pale Moon web­site is very easy and Slack works on Pale Moon like a charm so far. (Tes­ted both on Ubuntu 16.04 and Win­dows 10 with Pale Moon 27.4.2 both 32bit and 64bit).

So, how to fool Slack to load in Pale Moon?

Do the following:

  1. Open a new tab and type about:config to URL bar and hit En­ter key (or wha­te­ver is your equi­va­lent on Mac) to go there. You may be pre­sen­ted with a war­ning that it’s a con­fig in­ter­face for advan­ced users, con­firm that you un­der­stand the risks and want to go there. (The risks are none if you won’t do any­thing else there than what I’m tel­ling you here to do. But, you­’ve been war­ned.)
  2. Right click so­mewhere in the page and se­lect „New“ -> „String“.
  3. A small win­dow will pop up with a prompt sa­y­ing „En­ter the pre­fe­rence name“ – in­sert following string there: and hit OK.
  4. Next win­dow will ap­pear na­med „En­ter string va­lue“. En­ter following string there: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:52.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.9 and hit OK.

And you­’re done. Open a new tab and try lo­a­ding Slack, it should work wi­thout a pro­blem now.

What did we do?

We’re tel­ling Pale Moon to un­t­ru­th­fully re­port to Slack that it’s a rather di­f­fe­rent brow­ser (ba­si­cally some fai­rly new ver­sion of Fi­re­fox on Win­dows, it se­ems) which is sup­por­ted by Slack. That way Slack won’t re­fuse to load in Pale Moon.

A fu­ture note: ob­vi­ously, in the va­lue of the string, the­re’s a ver­sion of the brow­ser we’re ma­king Pale Moon pre­tend to be. Thus the­re’s a possi­bi­lity that in fu­ture this va­lue will have to be up­da­ted so we would pre­tend we’re using a newer ver­sion of Fi­re­fox, be­cause the ver­sion used in the va­lue here will not be sup­por­ted any­more. Try fin­ding out the right va­lue the same way I did it – copy it from some other setting in the about:config page.

If found out this wor­ka­round do­es­n’t work for you for some re­a­son, you can re­port it here in com­ments. Even bet­ter would be if you’d also sha­red a so­lu­tion in case you’d find one, so others (ma­ybe me in a fu­ture) have some other way to solve this pro­blem. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Using Slack in Pale Moon

  1. They ap­pear to be acti­vely bloc­king any User Agent con­ta­i­ning „Pa­le­moon“. I per­so­nally wan­ted them to know I’m NOT using Fi­re­fox, so was still inclu­ding the Pa­le­moon string but they blocked me. In the end, this is my Use­rAgent for Slack:

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Li­nux x86_64; rv:99.0) Gecko/20990101 Firefox/999.0 (Pale Moon)

    (the­re’s spa­ces in be­tween Pale and moon)

    At le­ast sta­tis­ti­cally, they will (ho­pe­fully) not think I’m using Fi­re­fox.

  2. @krayon:
    I don’t think Slack ad­mins give a sin­gle shit about brow­ser their users use. They do this to save them­sel­ves from ha­ving to sup­port all the weird brow­ser out there, which is a ca­te­gory PM de­fi­ni­tely falls un­der. Any­way, to pre­vent Slack bloc­king ac­cess from PM, you need to have set the user agent *exactly* to what the allowed brow­ser have.

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