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Opera Next – troll?

[img dir=2013/05 id=opera_next_01.jpg align=right desc=„Speed Dial“]

As I have to study, I’m suc­cess­fully pro­cras­ti­na­ting, so I in­stalled Opera Next. If you too have done so, you mi­ght un­der­stand my shock when I did. It was so big and uple­a­sant I de­ci­ded to write a short text about it.

Af­ter in­stall, the first thou­ght was „did I in­stall Chrome“? Nope, I did­n’t. I kept cal­mly and with re­sig­nation dis­co­ve­ring how little of functi­ons was left from ori­gi­nal Opera and I felt kind of a surge of rage co­ming.

[img dir=2013/05 id=opera_next_02.jpg align=left desc=„Settings“]

The mo­ment, though, I re­a­li­zed that Opera Next do­es­n’t even have usual tab stac­king, for the sake of my sa­nity I star­ted to be­lieve it’s re­ally an al­pha bu­ild wi­thout the functi­ons the fi­nal ver­sion will have. For if I did­n’t be­lieve that, I’d have to start ban­ging my head aga­inst the wall for one thing and then start thin­king whe­ther I’ll keep my Opera 12.15 or I’ll con­vert to Chrome or what.

Btw for those who are too lazy to in­stall Opera Next but know Opera, I’m at­ta­ching brief list of functi­ons I did­n’t find in Opera Next ver­sion 15.0.1147.24:

  • Pre­views of tabs
  • Cyc­ling be­tween tabs by last used or­der
  • Session ma­nage­ment
  • Tab stac­king
  • Tab pin­ning
  • Usual settings for Speed dial (BG image, size of pre­views…)
  • Form settings (for au­to­fill of name, e‑mail, ad­d­ress…)
  • Vir­tu­ally eve­ry­thing from Pre­fe­ren­ces → Advan­ced

[img dir=2013/05 id=opera_next_03.jpg align=right desc=„Downloads“]

There is one thing I found bet­ter – Down­lo­ads page. I can also say I feel that Opera Next ren­ders pages a tri­f­fle fas­ter than Opera, but not much. What’s im­por­tant but ob­vi­ous is that it no lon­ger screws up ren­de­ring of go­o­gle docs (ge­ne­rally pages op­ti­mi­zed for Chrome), since it has Chrome en­gine.

So, my dear and long be­lo­ved Opera, I cer­ta­inly hope that current Opera Next is a troll. If yes, then it’s very good one and I’m re­ally lo­o­king for­ward to see the re­a­sons behind it (aka. real new ver­sion). If not and you con­ti­nue go­ing this way, you­’ll lose a lot of pe­o­ple (and won’t gain Chrome-lovers, be­cause there will be no re­a­son to pick you over Chrome). Cho­ose your next step ca­re­fully.

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