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I re­cently de­ci­ded, that I want to write a ce­train gu­ide (which will ho­pe­fully ap­pear here soon), and I want it to be in more lan­gu­ages (pre­ci­sely in Czech and En­g­lish). So I star­ted some re­search on this to­pic, but it was tou­gher than I ex­pec­ted, be­cause I did­n’t re­ally know what to search for. Tes­ting va­ri­ous ways of achie­ving my goal inclu­ded up­da­ting to WP 3.3 which I fea­red pretty much cause of my bad ex­pe­ri­ence with one WP up­date some time ago, but this one tur­ned out all right, though. Then I found a plu­gin called Po­ly­lang.

Very easy to han­dle, it ma­nages lan­gu­ages of your po­sts, allows you to link translati­ons to­ge­ther and have your WP site vir­tu­ally mul­ti­la­gu­age. Does exactly what it say it will (so far, at le­ast). Af­ter in­stal­ling, you need to add your lan­gu­ages (inclu­ding current one, which pro­ba­bly will be the de­fault too), cre­ate a menu for new lan­gu­ages (and set them af­ter­wards in Me­nus tab of Po­ly­lang settings page), set de­fault lan­gu­age and lan­gu­age for po­sts and pages wi­thout one set. Also cre­ate ca­te­go­ries for other lan­gu­ages. Then you can play around with the rest of the settings if you wish to. When edi­ting post, you will see a new small win­dow for setting the lan­gu­age ver­sion and re­lati­ons to other lan­gu­age po­sts. There is also a wi­dget for your si­de­bar which allows users to switch lan­gu­ages.

I look for­ward to see how it han­dles the lan­gu­age ver­si­ons of my lo­nely web­site (lo­nely bcs the­re’s no­thing to see and no­body visits…heh). And ma­ybe it’ll make me write more.

Down­la­oad Po­ly­lang here: http://​wor​d​press​.org/​e​x​t​e​n​d​/​p​l​u​g​i​n​s​/​p​o​l​y​l​a​ng/ or in­stall it from you WP plu­gin ma­nager. GL.

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