MS Word 2007: En­ter com­ment, en­ter note un­der line, etc. gra­yed out

Have ever hap­pe­ned to you that you were sent a do­cu­ment (.doc) from so­me­body using Ope­nO­f­fice and you could­n’t add any com­ments and no­tes and stuff? Well, it hap­pe­ned to me some while ago and it took me a while to get it sol­ved. It lo­oks like some com­plex pro­blem but it’s actu­ally very stu­pid. At le­ast, I felt stu­pid when I found out what is it about.

For some re­a­son, Ope­nO­f­fice when sa­ving to .doc for­mat they tend to lock the do­cu­ment. When you open it in MS Word, it re­sults in ha­ving all the op­ti­ons on Re­vi­sion tab gra­yed out. It’s all about one click to un­lock the .doc, but that but­ton is un­der ano­ther Lock do­cu­ment but­ton, which is kinda con­fusing.

So, how you get there. You go to Re­vi­si­ons, then you click Lock the Do­cu­ment but­ton and a si­de­bar pops up. It should say so­me­thing like „Locked to pro­tect the do­cu­ment from unwan­ted chan­ges“. Look to the bot­tom of si­de­bar, the­re’s a small but­ton Un­lock Do­cu­ment. Hit it, and there you go.

If you have ano­ther ex­pe­ri­en­ces with this or so­me­thing, just let me know in com­ments. BTW, I have only Czech ver­sion of MS Word, so the la­bels on but­tons mi­ght be a bit im­pre­cise. Take a look at pics to be sure.

5 thoughts on “MS Word 2007: En­ter com­ment, en­ter note un­der line, etc. gra­yed out

  1. Upon clic­king the but­ton it will lock the whole do­cu­ment, you can­not write, edit, or mo­dify un­less it is not un­locked by clic­king the but­ton again.

  2. if the do­cu­ment is locked, it should un­lock it, afaik. If it’s already un­lock, then the but­ton will lock it.. pro­ba­bly…

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