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How to fix scan­ner pro­blem on Ubuntu 18.04 with HP La­serJet Pro MFP M125nw prin­ter

Af­ter do­ing a clean in­stall of Ubuntu 18.04 in May 2018 and in­stal­ling HPLIP soft­ware to be able to print on my Hewlet Pac­kard La­serJet Pro MFP M125nw prin­ter, prin­ting wor­ked correctly. Then it got bro­ken by causes unk­nown to me in June and I had to fix it. This, however, did­n’t go wi­thout com­pli­cati­ons.

These are steps that led to suc­cess ul­ti­ma­tely:

  1. I have in­stalled a most re­cent ver­sion of HPLIP dri­ver soft­ware from HP De­ve­lo­per Por­tal which was ver­sion 3.18.6 (hplip-3.18.6.run).

    Af­ter per­fo­ming an au­to­ma­tic in­stallation – unin­stal­ling pre­vi­ous ver­sion of HPLIP, replu­g­ging the prin­ter and let­ting it check for up­da­ted ver­sion – prin­ting wor­ked correctly.

    Scan­ning, however, did not work at all – XSane Image scan­ning pro­gram yiel­ded an error that it does not have a HP plu­gin and asked whe­ther it should try in­stal­ling it.

  2. Let­ting it down­load the correct ver­sion of the plu­gin en­ded with an error that the down­load fai­led:

    error: Plugin download failed with error code = 8
    error:  file does not match its checksum. File may have been corrupted or altered

    It in­struc­ted me to use com­mand hp-plugin from com­mand line to in­stall it.

  3. Run­ning this plu­gin en­ded with the pretty much the same out­come – a fai­lure.

  4. Thus, Go­o­gle search for to­pics about this plu­gin followed, poin­ting me to some fo­rum threads about this. One of them poin­ted to this di­rec­tory lis­ting with the re­le­vant soft­ware. Pro­blem is that at le­ast at that time, the la­test ver­sion of the plu­gin was 3.18.5 (hplip-3.18.5-plugin.run) which is in­com­pa­ti­ble with the ver­sion 3.18.6 of the HPLIP.

  5. With some further Go­o­gle search I got to this of­fi­cial HP page which actu­ally does have the correct la­test ver­sion of the plu­gin (hplip-3.18.6-plugin.run).

  6. I then down­lo­a­ded two fi­les, hplip-3.18.6-plugin.run and hplip-3.18.6-plugin.run.asc (that’s a sig­na­ture of the file or so­me­thing) – save those into a same di­rec­tory.

  7. Then I star­ted XSane which again told me it do­es­n’t have the plu­gin, I did not let it search for the plu­gin on the In­ter­net but cho­ose to use a lo­cally sa­ved file (se­cond op­tion) and gave it the file hplip-3.18.6-plugin.run. Af­ter this, the plu­gin in­stalled suc­cess­fully. and scan­ning works.

I hope I’m not mis­sing some im­por­tant step out of this and, ma­inly for fu­tu­re’s sake, this will re­main re­le­vant for a long time if the pro­blem per­sists.

Oh, lo­o­king to the bac­klog of the ter­mi­nal – I did have for­get so­me­thing, I just don’t know how I got into that si­tuation. The error of hp-plugin was this:

Segmentation fault
error: Failed to install Plug-in.
Either you have chosen to skip the Plug-in installation  or entered incorrect Password.

I have no idea what did I do at that time but it cer­ta­inly did­n’t lead to the correct pro­blem re­so­lu­tion.

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  1. Thank you so much, wor­ked a long time on this and now it is wor­king

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