How to chat on Fa­ce­book wi­thout the Mes­sen­ger app on An­droid

Ever since Fa­ce­book di­sa­bled the chat abi­lity on the mo­bile ver­sion of its web­site, it’s been a pro­blem for any­one who do­es­n’t wish to have Mes­sen­ger in­stalled on his or her An­droid smart­phone to use the Fa­ce­book chat. I gave up on the idea and just used the Mes­sen­ger on www​.mes​sen​ger​.com for a long time, but re­cently I found a way to use the Fa­ce­boo­k’s mo­bile web­site with the chat the old way.

Pre­vi­ously I have used Chrome and Fi­re­fox as my mo­bile brow­sers, but re­cently I’ve swit­ched to Opera and I have found out two things about Fa­ce­boo­k’s mo­bile web­site that work in Opera and don’t work in Chrome or Fi­re­fox. The first is chat, the se­cond are no­ti­fi­cati­ons.

As for the first one, when you load Fa­ce­book in Opera and click the mi­d­dle icon for chat, un­like other brow­sers which re­di­rect you to the Play Store es­sen­ti­ally tel­ling you „in­stall Mes­sen­ger or go fuck your­self“, Opera opens the messages like in the old ti­mes. I have no idea why this works only in Opera (or why does it work at all), but I’m not com­pla­i­ning.

As for the no­ti­fi­cati­ons, Opera has, by de­fault, ena­bled no­ti­fi­cati­ons for Fa­ce­book so it no­ti­fies you every time a new red num­ber ap­pears in your blue Fa­ce­book he­a­der. This can get an­noy­ing and you may want to di­sa­ble the no­ti­fi­cati­ons, but in case you don’t wish to have the Fa­ce­book app in­stalled but want to know what hap­pens in your ha­reem, you mi­ght wel­come this functi­o­na­lity.

This way, Opera sub­sti­tu­tes both the Fa­ce­book app and the Mes­sen­ger app. We can only wait un­til Ga­y­book no­ti­ces this and so­me­how di­sa­bles the functi­o­na­lity also in Opera as it did for any other brow­ser I’ve tried in re­cent years.

BTW, I’m not sure how e.g. Opera mini goes about this, you can share in com­ments if you know. I don’t feel like in­stal­ling it just to find this out.

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